My Keys to Fantasy Baseball Success

Friday, 29 February, 2008

Here are my keys to fantasy baseball success:

1. Have at least one dynamo.
– Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols are examples of this. Every fantasy team has to have that one player you can rely on at all times to put up the big numbers.

2. Look for players with consistency.
– Look for players who will not tend to go on hot and cold streaks. You need players who will consistently put up reasonable stats. Someone like Vernon Wells or Adrian Gonzalez don’t put up enormous stats, but they put up stats most every game.

3. Have patience with your team.
– Don’t go trading and cutting players because they’re not getting it done right away. Let the season progress some, and the players will get into the swing of things. There are slow starters who are good fantasy players once they get going. Put them on your bench until they start rolling if you have players who are starting the year off well.

4. Pitching wins fantasy leagues.
– I won my 2007 fantasy league by having great offense and, more importantly, great pitching. You need good offensive numbers, but pitching is what makes your team go. One top closer, like JJ Putz, is necessary. One top starter, like Chris Carpenter, is necessary. Then, you need a mix of decent starters and relievers. Pitchers like a young Greg Maddux are what you’re looking for. These pitchers are consistent and reliable.

5. Ignore stats from last season.
– Don’t get caught up in what a player did last season. Will Alex Rodriguez or Magglio Ordonez put up the same numbers as last year? No. They’ll be good numbers no doubt, but not the huge numbers from last year most likely. Will some top players slump like Derek Jeter did a few seasons ago? No. All of those things are in the past. Let them stay in the past.

I hope this helps you out!


My Sabres’ newest member, Steve Bernier, had two goals and an assist in the win yesterday. He scored two goals on his first two shots! Sweet. Being on a new team is going to spark Bernier to impress his new teammates, and to try extra hard to help the team make the playoffs. Having Bernier on the team and competing for a big role in games is going to make all of the other players play harder.

Bernier is a young and improving player, so he’ll turn into a first or second line guy in a short amount of time. Being on another good team will really improve his stats also. We’ll see if he was worth giving up their best defenseman, Brian Campbell, for him (they were going to lose Campbell anyway, so getting anything for him was good in a way).

There’s no doubt the Sabres can score goals, especially when you score 8 goals a couple of times in a season. If they can limit the scoring of other teams more than they are right now, I believe they’ll be able to ease into the playoffs.

Jason Pominville is the most underrated player on the team, and doesn’t get enough credit for the points he’s producing. He’ll probably end up with a career-high points total at the end of the season. Pominville is close to eclipsing his highest mark of 68 points last season with plenty of games left.

My Albums of the Month

Thursday, 28 February, 2008

Slick Dogs and Ponies – Louis XIV
604 – Ladytron
Black and White Album – The Hives
Broken Barricades – Procul Harum
Hotel – Moby