My Outlook On the Yankees This Year

Monday, 3 March, 2008

The 2008 season needs to start off with a few thoughts of what to expect from the Yankees this year. Will Alex Rodriguez win the MVP again with another Hall of Fame season, or will the rotation of Chien-Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte, Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, and Mike Mussina emerge as numero uno in the game? Maybe, maybe not. We do know them and the Red Sox(urk!) will be in a fight like last year for the AL East title and bragging rights.

Let’s look back quickly before analyzing this season. Last year ended in a playoff loss to Cleveland. That’s the tenth straight year of postseason play. That’s consistency that I appreciate. I’m not one of those fans who wants the Yankees to win the title every year. One, it’s not possible. Two, there is a lot of parity in the AL right now with Detroit, Cleveland, Anaheim(not LA!), Seattle, and Boston(urk!) the premier teams along with the Yankees.

There’s no one who can doubt George’s passion for winning a World Series every year with the way he allows Brian Cashman to field the team to bring the title home to the Bronx no matter what the cost. What’s a couple of million to him, anyway (hahaha)?

On to 2008 now. Things look good on most parts for a great season. They have the same everyday starters as last season, and the young pitchers are going to be the surprise of the year. I think early struggles will lead to better things later on in the season. Phil Hughes already impressed last season, and he’ll only be better this time around for his experiences. He handled his first months in the majors very well.

Pitching is something that may be the only concern in Yankeeland, because everybody knows that the second best offense in baseball (second only to Boston(urk!)) will score runs and wear out pitchers a lot. They do have that Rivera guy. He’s pretty good I hear (hahaha). The pitchers have the luxury of knowing offensive outbursts are going to happen, and they’ll have less pressure to throw perfect every time out. That can’t prevent them from doing their best work every fifth day, though. I believe Boston(urk!) has the best chance of winning the division given the personnel of both teams, but I hope I’m wrong.

Here is my probable lineup(not batting order) for Opening Day:

1B Giambi
2B Cano
SS Jeter (el capitan!)
3B Rodriguez
C Posada
LF Damon
CF Cabrera (most improved player)
RF Abreu
DH Matsui
SP Wang


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