Will the Sabres Make the Playoffs?

Friday, 7 March, 2008

I hope my Sabres can pull off some wins here and sneak into the playoffs. They are in a precarious position right now. It’s tough when you go from number one last year to possibly not making the playoffs this year. They’ve been scoring lately, they just haven’t been winning enough.

The Sabres are in 9th place, one point ahead of Washington, and three points behind Philadelphia. Philadelphia has done well as of late, beating Tampa Bay last night. Jeff Carter and Daniel Briere have carried the team after that terrible cold streak. Washington’s trade deadline aquisitions have contributed, and Ovechkin is showing why he’s the man. The Sabres need to catch one team, and hold the other one off at the moment.

What the Sabres need to do is get better everywhere. Control the puck more, play better defense, and get more scoring from everyone besides Roy, Pominville, and Vanek all the time. They’ve started to get some scoring depth, but it can still be more.

There’s still a relatively good chance the Sabres can get in the playoffs. As long as Philadelphia doesn’t go bonkers and win twelve of their last fourteen or something, we can make a run to get the 8th spot. Play better, win more, and we can do it.


One Response to “Will the Sabres Make the Playoffs?”

  1. melpeacheyfan Says:

    good post. i agree. oh wait no can’t be a Yankee fan? LoL. just joking. keep up the great posts.

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