Democratic Nomination Will Probably Go Until the Convention

Tuesday, 11 March, 2008

I don’t see the Democratic presidential nomination being decided before the Democratic Convention in Denver. The Democrats who are voting in the primaries and caucuses seem to be split enough as to not allow either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to get the required number of delegates to win the nomination. I don’t see either of them dropping out before that happens.

Clinton and Obama are both determined to get the nomination to run for president against John McCain. While McCain is sitting pretty in how he can divert his attention to attracting Independents to his side, and appeasing his conservative base without dealing with more primaries, the two Dems keep on fighting like Ali and Foreman, not holding back a lot on the criticisms of the other’s positions and ideas. It’s been “shame on you,” “no, shame on you” for the last two weeks. The GOP is loving that because they don’t have to worry about that kind of conflict within their party’s candidates anymore.

I don’t see how either nominee is going to get the magic number of delegates. Clinton has gotten a bit of momentum after Obama had been steamrolling through primaries with ease. Many states have almost evenly divided their delegates between the two candidates. The Dems need to focus on this issue because many people would surely only vote for one of them in the November election. The one thing the Democrats can count on is that their primaries and caucuses have had extraordinary turnout, much more than for the Republicans. Their message of change will also carry them after their infighting is called off.


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