The Champions League Final Eight, and the Possible Interesting Matchups

Wednesday, 12 March, 2008

The Champions League Final Eight is set:

– Fenerbahce (Tur.)
– Shalke (Ger.)
– Roma (Ita.)
– Liverpool (Eng.)
– Chelsea (Eng.)
– Barcelona (Sp.)
– Arsenal (Eng.)

Here are the matchups that we would all like to see when the draw for this round comes out:

– Arsenal v. Barcelona:

* Who wouldn’t want to see two of the brightest young stars, Francesc Fabregas and Lionel Messi, go against each other, provided Messi is healthy? It’s still a matchup of two similar sides. Both teams are on a tear in European competition, as Arsenal dispatched AC Milan, the champions of this competition last year.

– Shalke v. Fenerbahce:

* One of these teams has to survive the English invasion in the Final Eight. These are two teams you don’t hear a lot about, and have been very good to get this far. Both faced tough tests in the last round to get here.


* I think this matchup will be better this time around. Roma got destroyed 7-1 in the second leg of this encounter last year. Roma have gotten more from their supporting cast around Francesco Totti, the best Italian player in the world. Vucinic has been the best of those supporting players, producing most every game. It would be interesting to watch.

– Liverpool v. Chelsea:

* This would be the second rematch from last year. The two teams went to penalty kicks in the second leg to decide it. There is an intensity to this matchup that brings out the best in both teams when they’re up against each other.
These teams just rolled through the last round. Let’s hope these two meet, since both have played very well, so we can see two great games between these teams.


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