Best of the Best: Sports

Monday, 31 March, 2008

Here are the Top Ten events in sports:

1. The World Cup:

– What’s better? Nothing. It’s the “Beautiful Game” for goodness sake. More people watch the draw for The World Cup than almost anything else. Imagine how many people watch the actual games. The greats of football, or soccer depending on where you are, bring out their best in this event, and truly make this a really enjoyable competition. It’s definitely the most spectacular event of any kind in the world.

2. The Stanley Cup Playoffs:

– The Stanley Cup Playoffs is the most intense and dramatic thing in sports. The play is usually awesome, and the refs don’t call ticky-tack fake penalties. That makes it better, and all the more worth watching. Especially when watching one of the greats, the Stanley Cup is a grueling contest of grit, skill, and drama. It’s the hardest thing in sports to win.

3. NCAA Basketball Tournament:

– Almost nothing beats “March Madness.” The players on the teams in the tournament seem to actually have something to play for besides the name on the back of their jerseys. The pride, passion, and drama of every game, and not to mention the upsets, makes tuning in during school worth it. So what if I miss my final exam, right? Hahaha.

4. The Masters:

– It’s “a tradition unlike any other,” don’t you know. This is the classic golf tournament on a great course designed by the classic of all golfers, Bobby Jones. Augusta National (as well as St. Andrews, of course) is the Wrigley Field, and Yankee Stadium of golf. This is one of only a handful of things I’ll get out of doing anything to watch. “No, I CAN’T go to Italy. The Masters is on.”

5. The World Series:

– Baseball’s a grand spectacle when it gets to the World Series, especially when a real baseball city like St. Louis, Chicago (best sports city in America, period), or Boston is represented. Some of the most famous moments in sports happen on the diamond in the World Series. Don Larsen’s perfect game, the “Shot Heard ’Round the World,” plus many others.

6. The Super Bowl:

– You used to get more bang for your buck with the Super Bowl. One watched for both the game and the commercials. At least they still have a game.

7. Wimbledon:

– Wimbledon is the best tennis tournament of the year because you get to see tennis more like the way it’s meant to be played. You get a combination of the baseline play along with net play. Some of the greatest athletes ever haven taken the greatest stage in tennis.

8. The Tour de France:

– Wait. You don’t even know what sport The Tour is? Tisk tisk! You’re missing out. Not only do you see great cycling, you see the fantastic French countryside. The Tour is the hardest thing in sports to win besides the Stanley Cup. Did I mention it’s cycling?

9. Summer and Winter Olympics:

– The Olympics aren’t half what they used to be, but still make the list due to the greatness of the athletes who aren’t on anything.

10. BCS National Championship:

– College football’s title game barely makes the list.


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