I Thought So!

Wednesday, 2 April, 2008

I thought that Schalke were going to give Barcelona a test. They did, even though they lost by 1-nil. They really turned up the pressure on Valdes, the Barca keeper who’s one of the best around, in the second half. I remember about between ten and twelve okay possessions for Barca the whole half, and a lot of very brief ones you barely had time to react to the fact Barca was in possession.

When Barca had the ball(they had the ball? I don’t remember them having the ball.), the Schalke defense quickly took care of the passer and got the ball to their midfielders. Schalke had a few great looks, with a couple of headers going just off target. They failed to take advantage of their best opportunities, and some of the less prominent ones they did little with as well.

Schalke could’ve easily won this game, and by two or three goals. They played some great crosses into the box, while they also played their strikers through on goal a few times very well. It was a game of missed opportunities.

Now, Barca is the home team for the second leg next week. They are up on aggregate 1-nil, and have an away goal in their pocket. Schalke still has a chance to advance. They’re one goal down, and a 1-nil game in Spain is all they need to pull even. If the game is any draw, Barca would move on. It’s a steep but climbable hill for Schalke with the way they played yesterday. They just need some of their shots to go in.

On the other hand, Barca played outstanding defense, and did help themselves by making things difficult for the Schalke strikers once they got into a position to score. They did pull out an escape as a few of the chances Schalke had were pretty good.

The game between Manchester United and Roma ended 2-nil to Man. United. Roma seemed lost without Francesco Totti, and my fantasy team suffered(thanks a lot, pal!). Striker Mirko Vucinic(who is on my fantasy team) didn’t get nearly the quality opportunities without Totti’s great passing ability.

I’m really looking forward to the games today and all of the ones next week.


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