NHL Playoff Predictions and Excitement

Monday, 7 April, 2008

I’m so friggin’ pumped up for the playoffs to start this week, even though my Sabres won’t be participants this year. A couple players on the team had great years though. I like some of the matchups, including an Original Six matchup of Montreal and Boston. All of the matchups are decent. It’s gonna be friggin’ sweet watching games from all of the series!

– Matchups and Predictions:

– Eastern Conference:

– Montreal (One) v. Boston (Eight)

* Montreal in five games.

– Pittsburgh (Two) v. Ottawa (Seven)

* Pittsburgh in four games.

– Washington (Three) v. Philadelphia (Six)

* Philadelphia in five games.

– New Jersey (Four) v. New York Rangers (Five)

* New Jersey in six games.

– Western Conference:

– Detroit (One) v. Nashville (Eight)

* Detroit in seven games.

– San Jose (Two) v. Calgary (Seven)

* Calgary in six games.

– Minnesota (Three) v. Colorado (Six)

* Minnesota in five games.

– Anaheim (Four) v. Dallas (Five)

* Anaheim in seven games.

+ Let the games BEGIN!!!


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