Round 1 NHL Playoff Review, and Round 2 Predictions

Wednesday, 23 April, 2008

Round 1 was pretty gosh darn good. Besides the Pittsburgh-Ottawa series, there was nothing but great matchups, and the play was great for an overwhelming majority of the games. There were three series that went the distance of seven games, and a majority of the rest went six. The competition was just fun to see. I think the series will continue to be long, like six or seven games for all of them. I can’t wait to see the next round.

– Really quick Round 1 recap:

– Best player (points): Daniel Briere (Philadelphia)
– Best goalkeeper: Chris Osgood (Detroit)
– Best team: Pittsburgh
– Best series: Calgary v. San Jose (Sharks won series 4-3)

– Round 2 Matchups and Predictions:

– Eastern Conference:

– Montreal(1) v. Philadelphia(6)

* Philadelphia in six games.

– Pittsburgh(2) v. New York Rangers(5)

* Pittsburgh in seven games.

– Western Conference:

– Detroit(1) v. Colorado(6)

* Detroit in seven games.

– San Jose(2) v. Dallas(5)

* Dallas in six games.

+ Let’s hope for great games again!!!


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